Quite simply, APARTMENT is setting new standards in eating and drinking in Newcastle. Our home, which has been three years in the making, is within the imposing 1899 Collingwood Buildings, and has been designed around a Manhattan style apartment which boasts plenty of warmth, comfort, and character. It does this using exposed brick, solid walnut as well as huge original 1899 ?warehouse style? windows and glass atriums.

APARTMENT is filled with luxurious leather chairs too lounge on, soft sofas to sink into, two beautiful bars, an incredible restaurant, and a seductive cocktail and members lounge. Add to this low-level lighting, a superb sound system, and a service to die for, and it all sounds too perfect! Welcome to APARTMENT ? vibrant, individual, and uncompromisingly modern.

Throughout APARTMENT there are various areas, each with individual characteristics to suit your mood. If it?s people action that you crave, then position yourself in the main drinking area where two stunningly styled bars are comprehensively stocked with an array of draught and bottled beer, as well as spirits and wines from around the globe. If you?re out with a group of friends then why not take over our Living Room with its sumptuous velvet drapes, or if you feel like getting ?couched up? then try the deep seating in the Bedroom. For daytime coffees, there is the Gallery Room, a purpose built art space for local, national, and international artist to flaunt their talents ? the ideal meeting place to chat and watch the world go by.

A special mention must also go to:

The Front Room

Our Front Room is an intimate and exclusive Cocktail & Members Lounge where every drink imaginable can be consumed in rare style. Admire the passion and invention of our mixoligists, as they prepare a maelstrom of flavours using only the finest spirits and fresh fruit. Once again, the level of service presented to you will be extraordinary. If you want a grown up, welcoming, and relaxing space with the best drinks in town, then we?d love to see you in the Front Room.

The Dining Room

The Dining Room is a high quality restaurant serving an excellent selection of modern and imaginative dishes ? without being afraid to keep it simple when necessary. We offer a fresh angle on fine dining, with subtle and seductive lighting creating a very comfortable and unparalleled mood, worthy of the exceptional food and extraordinary service.

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How to exercise in a small apartment without using weights

Living in a small space can be great in your budget, but a little hard on your lifestyle – such as adjusting all her clothes in a small closet, preparing meals at a small desk and pressing a sweat session all the body in a few square meters of space. Exercising in a small apartment can be simple, free and not add to the confusion, if you can be creative with your belongings. Things You ‘ll Need soup cans
milk jugs
Chair Yoga mat
View More instructions here fitpro:

They depend on traditional exercises free equipment Mini sweat sessions. Tone your arms doing pushups or pull punches. Slender legs and tighten the ass with squats and lunges. Target your abs with crunches and bicycles backs.

Grab some old soup cans or milk jugs filled with water as a substitute for traditional weights. Use them for dumbbell curls, chest presses, overhead presses and bent – over rows. Your creativity will allow strengthen and tone your arms and back without spending money on exercise equipment.

Push your coffee table aside and do some yoga. If you follow an exercise video or create your own sequence of poses, yoga allows you to strengthen muscles and tone flabby areas. Turn it into “circuit training” cardio by alternating positions with intervals of jumping or running in place.

Make use of your furniture for a full body workout sitting. The use of a sofa or a sturdy chair, grip on the front of the seat and slide the bottom forward so it is floating in front of the headquarters. Leave your back to earth to target your triceps dips. Sit on the edge of the seat and foot jump out and throw your arms up in the air in a similar jumps movement. Turn it around and put your hands on the edge of your seat for inclined push – ups. Then change position with his feet on the seat and hands on the floor to decline push-ups.

Plank his way to a tight tummy and toned shoulders. Get into a position flat iron, feet extended behind you. Bend your elbows and bring forearms on the floor – elbows should be directly under the shoulders.Contract your abs to form a straight line from your head to your heels. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds.

Know the benefits of practicing yoga in the comfort of your apartment

This practice is now considered a lifestyle in which you care and you strengthen your whole body. It is noteworthy that has been practiced for a long time. For this very reason it has become one of the methods most complete physical and spiritual conditioning, because through postures known as “asanas” will promote the importance of self and will achieve internal balance.

If you want to know more about this interesting and productive theme to take your lifestyle to the next level, continues this reading and knows the benefits of practicing her yoga secrets review in the comfort of your apartment. Do not wait and take the opportunity to lead a healthier life. Go on learning without even leaving your home!

1. Significantly improves muscles and joints

When performing some sort of movements or postures some muscles do not have the ability to sustain for very long periods of time, then the need for others to assist in this function is created. By doing this kind of activity they will train the muscle groups and will gradually acquire the ability to perform postures and changing from one position to another, thus also will benefit the joints.


2. Weight Loss

This method not only help as a preparation for the body if you will want to start practicing a sport but also help significantly to lose those extra kilos or maintain that ideal weight. As mentioned, yoga also improve the muscles and joints also burns calories and contribute to weight loss in a healthier way.

3. Release of tensions

The practice of these techniques for a few minutes daily can be  a method of releasing all that stress that can accumulate daily performing work activities, not only by the movements that are required and the release of hormones but also techniques meditation to be used.

4. Internal Tranquility

During the day it can be a mind full of chaos and disruption caused by the responsibilities that must be fulfilled instead. In addition, there is the idea that to achieve some kind of peace it is necessary to visit places that allow you to have some connection with the serenity and natural beauty. This is not entirely true since you can achieve that kind of feelings if they have the resources to establish an internal connection.


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5. You’ll feel more energetic

When the end of the day comes it is almost certain that you will feel physically exhausted and emotionally, for the move from one activity to another it is really exhausting. But take a few minutes a day to practice Yoga guarantees you the feeling of freshness and energy to finish the day in a better way and start another day with the most positive attitude and revitalizing.


6. You’ll have better flexibility and posture 

Besides having an excellent figure and a more positive attitude throughout the day, including these practices into your routine will help to have a stronger, flexible and healthy body because the positions used help you stretch, tone and strengthen all muscle mass and it will be reflected in the way you stand or walk.

7. The happiness you leave through the pores

Like any kind of physical activity will stimulate the release of endorphins which are responsible for causing feelings of well-being or happiness. Some research results have shown that this activity specifically releases more hormones compared with other exercises, because it focuses on performing movements that stimulate specific areas of the body.

No doubt that run this kind of techniques as part of a routine will bring benefits insurmountable. If you are one of those people who want to attract the best to your life yoga is something that you should not submit to negotiation, it is time to do something that looks inside and out. Namaste!