The ‘Dining Room’ is a high quality restaurant serving an excellent selection of modern and imaginative dishes – without being afraid to keep it to simple when necessary. This is where East meets West, classic meets contemporary, and only the very best of ingredients are used.

The Dining Room is, quite simply, unique. Not because it is a restaurant if incredible high quality, but because of its distinct design and atmospheric setting. The subtle and seductive lighting creates an unparalleled mood, worthy of the exceptional food and extraordinary service. The chic and moody ambience created within the restaurant will raise your dining experience to another level.

The Dining Room is open from 12 noon, taking on various menus throughout the day, and in typical New York style we will be serving fine food as late as 1am. So, whether it is a business hospitality lunch, post work sustenance, or fine evening dining, make your choice the Dining Room at Apartment.

12noon – 2pm Dining Room Lunch Menu  
7pm – 11pm A La Carte Dinner Menu
11pm – Closing Really Posh Supper Menu
12noon – 6pm
All Day Bar Menu
  Sunday Lunch Menu  

Vegetarian alternatives are always available.

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