Tell us your favourite spirit and we’ll serve it by the bottle with your choice of mixer. All you have to do is share it with your friends. Don’t forget, if you don’t finish it all in one go, you can store it in one of our lockers until the next time.

Skyy Vodka £70.00  
Ketel One Citron £75.00  
Absolut Flavours £75.00  
Stolichnaya Flavours £75.00  
Grey Goose £80.00  
Belvedere £80.00  
Stoli Cristal £90.00  
Bombay Saphire £70.00  
Hendricks £75.00  
Tanqueray 10 £110.00  
Jack Daniels £70.00  
Johnny Walker Black £75.00  
Woodford Reserve £80.00  
Havana 3yrs £70.00  
Sailor Jerry’s £80.00  
Barcardi Aged 8 £80.00  
NYAK £70.00  
Remy Martin VSOP £95.00  
A. DE F XO £275.00  
Remy Martin Louis XIII £1,800.00  
Coca Cola, Diet Cola, Lemonade, Tonic (complimentary) Cranberry, Fresh Orange, Red Bull (extra £5)